International terminal

Optyma have carried out phased works in several of the UK's international rail terminals.

Phase 1 - Optyma carried out the refubishment of international station number 1 control room and CCTV system inclusive of fibre optic transmission, cameras, recording and matrix to display equipment. 

Phase 2 - Provision of a satellite control room which allows remote monitoring of several depots.   To achieve the customer's remit Optyma designed a system which provided high levels of automation.  Programming alarm software from the security system to provide automatic spot monitoring of live events at the control centre and terminals. The control room refubishment included provision of new digital recording system, and complete overhall of the fibre optic system.

Phase 3  - A complete refurbishment of the CCTV located at the international terminal, upgrading the existing analogue equipment to the latest in digital transmission and recording.  This project incorporated installation of a fibre optic backbone. Provision of CCTV transmission in analogue format for certain existing cameras and installation of a local area network for new IP cameras.  Optyma carried out the installation of all control room hardware and software inclusive of large multiscreen displays.  The design allows staff to easily follow passengers around the terminal.

Optyma's footage is often used for police enquiries.